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Lamb of God (for us nonvegans)

Cooking Poem: How Shall I Dine

-- By: Jonathan Swift 

Gently blow and stir the fire,
    Lay the mutton down to roast,
Dress it nicely I desire,
    In the dripping put a toast,
That I hunger may remove:
    Mutton is the meat I love.
On the dresser see it lie,
    Oh! the charming white and red!
Finer meat ne’er met my eye,
    On the sweetest grass it fed:
Let the jack go swiftly round,
    Let me have it nicely browned.
On the table spread the cloth,
    Let the knives be sharp and clean:
Pickles get and salad both,
    Let them each be fresh and green:
With small beer, good ale, and wine,
    O ye gods! how I shall dine.