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He has defied it in multiple ways already, like the drone filibuster (where he got people to hate drones EVERYWHERE by just arguing against drones HERE (very smart!)), like hemp legislation, like felon suffrage, like a 5-year balanced budget plan. Obviously you don't think he goes far enough, but if he goes so far that he falls off the balance beam, he can't exactly get a gold medal, can he?

Maybe getting half of Ron's platform on national media EVERY DAY is better than getting all of Ron's platform on national media ONCE A YEAR. Maybe it isn't, but if any effort to work inside the system is f-ed anyway, then it also can't hurt the movement by improving the public opinion of libertarianism in general, even if Rand is not the quintessential libertarian.

Betting on Ron was high reward potential, but high risk. Betting on Rand is moderate reward potential, low risk. Still doesn't make it a bad investment.