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I agree

We do the camel's milk because he is allergic to the casein protein in cow's milk and camel's doesn't have that. It's also got tons of nutrients that cow's milk doesn't have. It's expensive as hell but oh well. I'm not sure on the sugar content in the veggies we use. They are mainly green like zucchini, bok choy, collard greens and then a head of cauliflower, onion and a carrot or two. The carrots are probably the highest sugar source there.

His typical day consists of a some

Breakfast: banana/avocado puree with probiotic mixed in (probably need to eliminate the banana because of the sugar), camel milk to drink

Lunch: Baked chicken legs and the gluten free veggie packed pizza crusts we make, grapes or apple slices, baked lentil chips, organic fruit strip

Dinner: Baked chicken legs and gluten free veggie packed pizza's again. Camel milk to drink

We try to put in new things but he is pretty rigid. Now that I look at it, there is a lot of places for sugar to be removed. I'm gonna work on that.

We have pretty much gotten away from fruit juice. If he isn't drinking camel's milk then he is drinking water.