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Great! Thank you for the links, telepathic

I remember OSHO back when he was the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. He had a commune down in Oregon when I was coming of age in Seattle, and just starting "current events" in middle school.

The news made him out to be a demon, because of all the Rolls Royces he had. If you wanted to join the commune, you had to turn over all your assets to him - which even to a sixth grader like myself at the time sounded wrong.

Then again, we know how the news media does its number on people.

When my wife Samantha and I were moving back from Taiwan, we were sorting which books to bring back with us. She had a few OSHO books that I found interesting, so I saved them from her donation pile. I had never heard of this OSHO fellow, but I liked the writings. It was then that I discovered he was the former Bagwan.

I don't hold any of that against the words.

Confucius says you should judge the words by the words themselves, not by the man who spoke them, and that is something I agree with. Words have their own truth, independent of who uttered them.

I particularly enjoyed his discourse on the word 'f#ck.' Amusing observations. I can see why Tom Robbins would like him.

I will definitely check out the other videos as well. Thank you.