Comment: The system that Rand is

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The system that Rand is

The system that Rand is trying to work within cannot be fixed by working with the establishment.(such as Mitch McConnel)I guess that I am further down the road in understanding how corrupt the political system is than many here. I assumed that people were paying attention to the fraud in the last election, and unstand how tightly controlled the electoral process is, and realize that the two party dictatorship will never allow any real choices, and that the media is complicit in the fraud, and......... Sorry. I don't have enough time to spend explaining it all or providing the links necessary to prove it. I have been a supporter of the DP for some time because I like reading the links and seeing more people get educated and woke up. I have given up on political solutions short of revolution. Even then, any revolt would be put down by the massive military industrial complex, foreign intervention, and the police state. It's time to prep for a collapse, because it will happen, and politics will be taken completely off the table as a solution.