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wouldn't that come apart in short order? It sounds great on paper, but like so many other ideas, theories, etc., once human action is introduced, it comes apart and eventually turns into the opposite of what it began as. Just take one look at the "I'm constantly offended by everything" crowd.

No matter what anyone says, thinks, or does, someone is going to feel like they're being harmed by it. There are people who feel the word 'derp'-- a nonsensical word that is akin to Homer Simpson's catchphrase 'd'oh', is "offensive", "abelist", and "targets the mentally challenged".

So, where does the line get drawn? For me, it's the use of physical force. I know some of the diehard believers in the NAP believe that intimidation counts as force, but again, there will always be those who'll claim to feel threatened/intimidated/oppressed by just about anything.

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