Comment: From Mooo to cluck, eh?

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From Mooo to cluck, eh?

Nice post.. how weird is this

Ann and I took a class together at UCLA. Check out her recipes.. Real Food Daily is a major popular vegetarian restaurant in Santa Monica

Here's a great snack recipe for you:

Get some sliced rella/ nut cheese/ soy cheese, cut the slices so you have triangles.. microwave on microwave safe plate, triangles spread about 1/2" from, few at a time.. on high, about 2 minutes, until very crisp. These make great chips.. rellas come in a lot of varieties, so you can do swiss chips, or cheddar or jalepeno jack.. and they are crisp enough to hold guacamole, salsa, hummus, great treat with soups and salads too.

Think that being overweight might indicate a lack of love, receiving, so the food becomes a replacement?