Comment: Electrical Problems

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Electrical Problems

The report is that they have a serious electrical design problem with certain equipment. Well, 62 MW's of electrical demand is alot, and requires a few large station transformers and distribution transformers for the facility. Then you probably have numerous switchgears and distribution centers.

In other words, the electrical design engineers and the contractor installing the system had a very complex wiring job. Also, take into count, all the necessary surge protection requirements to protect all the servers and computer equipment. Then you have the huge cooler facilities to cool all that equipment down.

So...apparently from what they are saying, they have either some electrical design problems, electrical installation problems, or possible sabatoge, that is causing faults as they "test" or energize various circuits or devices. Basically, a huge complex having some serious electrical start up problems. They will figure it out and just add more $$ to the cost of the facility.