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(1) Creature from Jekyll

(1) Creature from Jekyll Island

I watched a couple of documentaries and was pleasantly surprised that they had nice concise points on the Fed and the currency system

(2) Some concise information on The Fed, fractional reserve banking and the fiat dollar system can be found in Zeitgeist: Addendum (Ignore the religious parts and resource based economics and futurist ideas)

(3) There is also a documentary called 'Thrive'. It starts out with some meta-physical mystical mumbo-jumbo, but in section-2 it quickly starts talking about our monetary system, The Fed, NWO etc.

Ofcourse to write a paper, you would need book and article references.

Ron Paul's End the Fed ( is great fast read about the Fed and its evils. This should be in-stock in public libraries too.
Here is a great collection of Austrian (economic) quotes on The Federal Reserve -
Another invaluable page -