Comment: ok so thats not the video i

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ok so thats not the video i

ok so thats not the video i thought i posted. I spoke of 18 billion that went missing as pallets of cash were dropped. But the Fed grilling, that's 500 billion that Grayson knows about. Same thing applies, meaning if they wouldnt rip off the tax payers blindly, they could pay for the dead soldiers funerals.
These deaths are needless. Our government needs to get out. Yah the government dishonors them by not funding the obligation, in all due respect, but fact remains they shouldn't have lost their lives in 2013, not in the Middle East.
But I don't care if it is 18 billion or 500 billion, it's all a lie and to see Harry Reid and Obama use them like pawns, it is despicable. And to watch them spin it, atrocious.
I yield the rest of my time.

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