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((((The Pen)))))

I found life to be peaks, valleys and platues.. what goes up will come down, and the trick seems to find some comfortable platue, not too high up, nor too low down, but one where we can "sustain, and have faith, and the hope to thrive, spiritually, physically, and mentally.

Perspective is like a kalidescope, each second turning the shape and colors.

I find your life challenges and experiences something you can be proud of, even theme, to produce cards, coloring books, means for others who can relate at this time (and future) to lift you to the next experience you dream.

You've got the talent, and are so blessed, it seems to me that this temorary space you are witnessing is an opportunity in the raw, like mud, and you are the potter who was born to produce a remarkable vessle because LOVE is your foundation.

Make a wish.. it will come are ready and reading your post.. I feel it.. life wants to bless you constantly and abundantly.. so go for it.. start being that dream on the next level.