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Oh! I didn't see your

Oh! I didn't see your comment. Your Welcome! Glad to help and interesting name you have.
For me, I already had some relationship with paying attention to how I feel physically in my limbs. Basically closing the eyes and just sensing how my head feels or stomach or any part.

Something such as concentrating on your hand and at first you simply realize its there, then begin to feel the warmth or coolness, then the blood pressure, then sensing the tension that maybe makes you want to ignore it, or to adjust it's position to feel more comfortable.
And then becoming aware if you have an absences of feeling or " Dark areas" that feel weird in your body.

So on to the plants, I was overwhelmed with how many different ways plants can grow with the different species change how a plant may slightly look, not to mention its different stages throughout the year.

I didn't know what I was doing. But I knew I had to turn all of my mental chatter into tangible observable record and decided to be methodical.

So I would go out and see how a plant looks and if it was not one of the poisonous ones I would take a leaf and crush it to see how it smells. This just let my mind and body know what may happen. This view changed sometimes as I tested.

To get STARTED in this I had to choose a leaf I felt was most probably safe and could produce moisture when I crushed and rolled it. I simply gathered enough leaf to feel satisfied about the moisture I could produce then rubbed it in like an ointment, in the bend of the top of my elbow.

I didn't think anything would happen and was only looking for a negative reaction, such as dermatitis or a small rash. And I knew if the plant is not poisonous or toxic- and my body doesn't need it, it will just pass neutrally. I did not expect the positive side, which was an involuntary breathing in that started out I guess as a yawn from the diaphragm but was just a satiated, or satisfied breath. And all from something that touched the outside of my body?!?

The only thing I can compare it to is the feeling you get when it rains, or someone pats you on the back or after a good meal at thanksgiving dinner. You maybe able to test the effect here also, but skip to 1 min 40 sec. Or 3:58.

It could have been easily missed by me, and I think it did at first but at one point I had a dejavu moment and decided to ask, did that leaf just do that?

Once I learned It was possible to do that. My mind started racing with all of the things I could test including anything from fast food restaurants. To Everything I usually eat, or that I was eating before I restricted myself completely, from certain foods, including different candies.

This is when I realized snickers specifically, was terrible for me! And I didn't need a lab test or internet research! But now... I could search for the hidden candy treasure that didn't cause me to "meltdown". I mean I already new too much sugar was bad, but there was something about the combination of ingredients some have. I don't know what it is but something is different between certain types of candy.

My positive breath reaction coincided with a loosening of a problem area in my lower back that was holding tension. I didn't even know it needed to be released. To be balanced I had already been taking a few herbs and found at times if I take them again they are a part of the synergistic component.


1. Find a calm place to test where you are undisturbed

2. Take a moment Close your eyes and sense how you feel to begin with.

3. Check your arms for bumps that may already be there that could give a false reading.

4. Create moisture, place on elbow and rub in. (Some leaves have low moisture and are too difficult to just crush. They need added bit of water to sit in and release constituents.)

5. Close your eyes again and attempt to sense any changes ANYWHERE.(i.e muscle pressure, heartbeat/rhythm, tingles, prickles, hot/cold, Energy shifts or moving energy, mind opening up/less fogginess etc.

6. Once you have waited a safe amount of time (books say 20 min)
take another small piece and place it behind the lip and wait same amount of time. (You may confirm your original experience or not...

7. Repeat with each part of the plant you want to consume- fruit, leaf, seed, twig, root, (Ex. Yew tree everything deadly except the berries.)

8. Eat a small piece to see how you react if any and you are on your way...

9. Review your safety method carefully until you know it well. Forgetting an important step on a new plant can obviously kill, so assume it will.

Once you are sure you won't keel over, and you want this particular plant to be a part of your HIT LIST, it is safe to do so. Always pay attention to detail of parts of the plant that tell you who it is.

Notice Texture, shape of leaf, leaf arrangement etc., even if you don't have the words for it. This will help in possible poisonous or toxic look-alikes. Keep practicing visualization and you will get better and better.

At first it is scary so be careful follow the safety considerations and your intuition. This processed helped to tune my intuition.

I have found ants like to consume the same things as humans and bees land on things we eat as well. Sometimes I am drawn to plants which have holes in the leaves. And certain flowers catch my attention.
Hope I answered your question!