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I can't say I know anything

I can't say I know anything about Obama save that he has two beautiful daughters. If I were president with my two beautiful daughters, id probably do anything they demanded too if defiance ment my girls being tortured/killed by these psychopaths.

I can almost guarantee that the "president" is one of the most controlled and surveiled people on earth by the powers that be.

The one thing I "do" know is what you said: Obama's "role" is to take the political heat and ire of WtP. So let me ask:

Why are we giving them what they want by perpetuating the myth that this "tool" has anything to do with what's wrong in the world? This is an idea that only sleepy sheeple believe. We KNOW Obama is not the power behind the throne, and so we should never pretend that he is, or even elude to him being it. We should always keep our focus on central banking like a lazer, because when the average sheeple hears something enough times, they'll start to consider it "normal."

Forget Obama. Kill the bank.