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Pretty intense

Have you seen the movie Into the Wild ? It was a true story about a young guy who gives up everything to just live on the move. At the end of the movie he goes into the wild to live completely free from all constraints, eating what ever was growing.

The problem was that he identified a poisonous plant poorly and it had the effect of preventing food digestion or absorption, so he ended up starving to death from the poison. I would imagine that this might be a hard reaction to detect at first.

I do believe that we have the ability to sense and know what is and isn't good for us, and it sounds as though you may have cultivated it to the point where it is reliable. I'm just not sure that I'd be ready to bet my life on my own sense just yet. However learning about the edibles that grow in ones area can only be beneficial.

I think that the plants that grow in the wild are probably the most nutritious of all.

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