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He knew how to write well

Just for fun I read, "Sum of All Fears", this was before nine-one-one. Jack Ryan was the protagonist, as is in most his novels. It was a spellbinding book, hard to put down, as the way Clancy tells the story about an Arab farmer who discovers an unexploded nuclear bomb burried into his farm.. and he tended it carefully, telling no one for a long time. And then he sell the bomb to a group, and they make a bomb and detonate it at a football game.. there was a movie made, and I told my parents.. we've got to see this movie.. well the movie sucked. They had changed the terrorists from Arab to white supremists.. but the book is good, and it make you wonder if it was a road map, or if Clancy was prophetic..

What's interesting to me about this article is how the CIA seems to be changing.. we have all these fols coming out of the CIA closet with their ideas.. I'm starting to think the best thing the CIA does is create conspiracy theory.