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They have impact

Entertainment is impact, the guardian is making a bundle flaming covering these never ending adventures of fabricated conspiracy as the world turns, from what is to what will be.. and what will be is anyone's guess who connects dots past the entertainment aspect of information on YouTube.

The guy who authors the unconstitutional/ global government UN compliant Patriot Act, now is going to further align the USA into global government.. as first, they break it.. as they broke the NSA by over extending it's bounds, die to the Patriot Act, and now instread of havinga NATIONAL Security, we'll have an international one with the UN, foreign troops, over here.

And that's what some of us, who really really like good conspiracy theory, and appreciate facts, and go beyond the entertainment aspect, while considering the source, witness announements like this, that we were correct about why folks like Assage and Snowden were such big entertainment, as BOTH are entangled in other governments, the UK, China, Russia and Germany/Brazil, making them by their actions, not words, actions globalists.. they are part of breaking the nation/constitution and why they are not heros to those lile me who see them as entertainers just doing their jobs.