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Comment: Tough guys follow the rules

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Tough guys follow the rules

Protests are organized..ever since Kent State.. protests and rallies are by permit, they are events, they are advertized and funded. Riots are not organized and they can ruin a protest.

Pansy ass to me is someone who doesn't follow the rules. It's one thing when someone doesn't know the rules, but when someone knows the rules, they follow the rules out of self respect and respect for others. If you have no self respect then of course you don't respect rules. The WWII vets were willing to go to jail to make their point.. reminds me of the movie "Cocoon".. this will give them something to talk about. There's no riots going on over it.

The truckers are pissing plenty of people off who had no clue this was going on.. it takes alot of organization and it appears it's getting good feedback despite those who don't agree.. a lot of people had to support this to make it happen.