Comment: Indoctrination to some degree

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Indoctrination to some degree

Indoctrination to some degree may be a little strong.

The Soc-Demographics that comprise our military a interesting to look at. Mostly poor kids who, when they signed up just wanted a job, or some security. Likely, they did not think about the totality of their actions. I (for the most part, there are exceptions, I am sure) wouldnt call it indoctrination, Id call a perceived necessity created by over reg, fiat currency, fractional res banking, the MIC and the perception that this a Democracy and not a Republic..

Ill give you some credit though, there are things that are given up.

Adam knew that these guys were not privied to speak to political questions that showed some type of bias. This is of course while in uniform. A better forum would have been to ask the same questions while not performing this function. But no. This was the point. To ask these guys questions while in uniform knowing their'd be no decent response.

The details of the questions leave me. There has been many beers drank in between then and now. As to good men, he found them. Those kids are good guys. They like myself and many others on here, they just need to be awakened to the reality. Using them as characters in political propaganda is very unfortunate and character defining.