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The words "We the people..." are fraudulent. "We the people" did not do anything. Some elites wrote those words to trick individual people and have been quite successful in their fraud. "We the people" did not delegate any powers. Certain people wrote down a list of powers they were claiming...among them the power to tax (i.e., "We now have the legitimate right to steal from you and your children in perpetuity.") and a list of promises, which anyone who is not totally brain dead would observe were selectively violated from the very beginning and have been perpetually violated in greater and greater degree ever since.

It is up to us now to make a responsible decision and practically withdraw consent from a presumptuous (and ridiculous) idea to which we never could have consented in the first place. Think about it: I consent to be governed by others, i.e., I voluntarily give my permission for you to force me to do things that I do not agree to do voluntarily. And I fully agree that if I do not do those things which I do not agree to do, then it will be legitimate for you to kill me. This is utter nonsense.