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Let's not forget the constitution bill of rights gives us the right, which we exercize legally by applying for the proper permit and paying the fees and other costs, to have the protest.

Following the rules is doing me a lot of good by giving me peace and enabling me to continue to make political stands, with support.

Which is more important, peace or victory? If it's victory, then you are talking war, and while wars even have rules, it's those who don't follow the rules the crate the most damage, destruction, and if destruction is the end game, there isn't any winners, so peace is the better option, which the path to peace victory is staying the path, because life is not about destruction, but about creating.

I think it's great that they organized it and made their point, and I'm sure many of those trucks you saw on the 91 support them (unless their Mexican) and would be there if they could.

You might find Captain Luke Ryan a better example than Jack Sparrow