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Clarification from the horse's mouth...

The following is Mr. Connelly's response to my inquiry:
(Teafortwo, please let me know if you are going to re-post or not. If not, I will post his latest on ACA. Thanks)

"Dear Joe:

Thank you for your email concerning my 2009 article on HR 3200, the first version of the so-called Affordable Health Care Act. It was 1100 pages long and of course the final version that was passed without being read by most of the members of Congress that voted for it was Senate bill 3590 was over 2700 pages long. It not only contained the vast majority of the unconstitutional and dangerous provisions I cited n my original article, but in many ways was even worse.

I have attached copies of several articles I posted on my blog about the final version of the bill and I am currently working on a new article that updates them based on what is currently happening. The link to my blog is below. To find the original article on my blog scroll to the bottom of the page and click older posts If you would like, I will add you to my email list so you will be notified when I post new articles on my blog on this and other Constitutional issues. No one else has access to the list and I do not use it to send out forwards. Just let me know.

As the Executive Director of the United States Justice Foundation I have gotten the USJF involved in several ongoing lawsuits challenging certain aspects of the law such as the HHS mandate on religious institutions that attacks the 1st Amendment right to freedom of religion. The USJF is also supporting the lawsuit seeking to have the law declared unconstitutional because the final version imposed a “tax” and the Constitution clearly requires that under the “origination clause” any tax legislation must originate in the House of Representatives. The law that passed originated in the U.S. Senate and therefore is unconstitutional.

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