Comment: Almost brings a tear

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Almost brings a tear

I would pull over to the side and give encouragement to those who are moving into the front line to face the beast. Those who are truly putting their lives and liberties as well as their families breadwinner on the line.

It happened before. The Bonus Army,

WW1 vets were promised compensation because the military pay was much lower than civilian pay. Soldiers were promised a bonus when the war was over. But the GOv lied and refused to pay the bonus. As the truckers are going to washington so did these VETS, the famous generals PATON General Douglas MacArthur and one Dwight David Eisenhower all violated their oath to the constitution and turned the ARMED Military upon these Protesting WW2 vets.

The Bonus Army of 1932 was, practically speaking, made up of white enlisted men who had served in Wilson's "war to end all wars," and their families.

This was and will never be taught in a History lesson.

Lets hope that history is not repeated with these protests.