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...I poked the neonazis here and yes there are some here.

And, btw, If you actually READ what I wrote above, I did NOT make it about neonazis, people who overreacted to a TINY prod I made in my initial reply did. THEY made it about neonazis. Some became HYSTERICAL about it, in fact. If you actually read what my replies it was about central european etimology of words.

Furthermore, everything I posted above about the etimology of the words in question is 100% factually accurate. Some Germano-phile (who has never BEEN to Germany and doesn't speak German) went NUTS and went off about the superiority of Germans, which was PRECISELY the ignorant hypocracy I was addressing in my TINY prod of neonazis.

As I said above in a reply that got voted down when the neonazis here had a hissyfit, I love Germany. Unlike them, I actually lived, worked and went to school in Germany for several years and speak 100% fluent German. I was pointing out the extreme irony in the PROFOUND ignorance of neonazis.