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Delicate flowers I see. Look

Delicate flowers I see. Look I'm not far from that age but the fact is Clancy was no spring chicken and no one had any reason to kill a propagandist for the MIC.

Breitbart was much younger, and actively challenging TPTB.

Conflating Clancy's death, which is almost certainly not murder with Breitbart's death which almost certainly was murder is a trick to get people to discredit themselves with crazy claims about Clancy.


This is why you have shows like Coast to Coast. They put on legitimate people they can't shut up, like Corsi, Schiff, or Trentadue, but then put on ufo and angel kooks like Icke, et al. So people think they are the same.

Juxtaposing truth with kookery is how the bad guys make the truth look like kookery. This is disinfo.