Comment: That presenter is a douche,

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That presenter is a douche,

That presenter is a douche, typical behaviour you find on MSM, either to stupid, to ignorant or to superior, my way or the high way mentality, just because.......doesnt think that actions may have consequence, doesnt care, or thinks they can fight , with violence, but they dont think themselves as violent, not even when their 1 week memory is witnessing the blowback of one of their actions, and what do they always try and do.....sweep the blowback aside, "to have their cake and eat it", a big dumb ignorant expression on their faces when the frustration of this behaviour finaly comes from those who were opposed........and they do it again, again, and again.....they dont even realise, THEY ARE CREATING THE OPPOSITION THEY DONT WANT........

If a government is to CO-EXIST with our freedoms, it must have truth, transparency and representation, the people have already written a "CONTRACT" with one, and just because folks like these dont hold value on freedoms "contract", doesnt mean other folks DONT.......why should any "federal", "con-trct" be followed, put it THIS way.........we will show respect to federal "contracts" as much as the federal "folks"
show respect to freedoms contract

sorry for my harshness, to ALL concerned, but this behaviour riles me up, and it is still fresh on my mind