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It's sort of like those Bigfoot shows

They're always finding clues that may not be clues. Because all of the clues may not be clues, it becomes impossible to know if there are any clues at all, since every clue has a contrary explanation to it. By this, one can create an entire season of walking around in the woods with night vision goggles, making disparate noises and "calls" and hearing and attributing every bump, thud, or howl to an unseen bigfoot.

Why just last week, there was a compelling picture that appeared to be a silhouette of not one but two, countem two, bigfoots (bigfeet?) walking in the woods. That is until, to debunk it, someone sent in a different picture showing the same woods, with the same shaped object, still there and looking now very much like a tree stump with some branches coming off of it. So much for the bigfoot family.

Am I saying there is no bigfoot? No. Am I saying anyone has proved there to be one? No. Am I saying that there may be people who say bigfoot exists that have other agendas or motives? Absolutely. Am I saying that sometimes people are convinced things exist when they don't? Yep.

Now about the theory that all the bigfeet have been pledged as collateral for the deficit...

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein