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Let me give you the outline of Levi Preston:

"Young man, what we meant in going for those Redcoats was this: we always had governed ourselves and we always meant to. They didn't mean we should."

Some take this as a statement of advocacy for the famed town meeting "form of government" popular in Massachusettes. I am convinced it was something different. These people had provided voluntarily from within their communities all of their needs as they understood them, from food, shelter, and clothing to defense. They realized/discovered they did not need any monopolistic central planner. They could make out quite well governing themselves *individually* and they were willing to die to live in that manner.

They had no intention to confront their self-proclaimed psychopathic British overlords, but they ended up being prematurely backed into a corner on the basis that an effort was made to confiscate thier muskets, ball, and powder, which they counted as their means of defense. When the smoke cleared, many of the people who carried the sacred fire of liberty---which only expressed itself this way once in history as far as I know---lay dead. We clearly needed greater numbers then. We clearly do now. But the foundation, it seems---our peculiar heritage as Americans---seems to be correct. How can we effectively pass the torch to the next generation? How can we increase the number of people who are willing to pay the price like Levi Preston, Isaac Davis, Samuel Prescott and others? These are the crucial questions we need to address.

But the outline is clear. Do you have children? Can they provide for themselves outside the system? It's no easy task. Have you a community in which people can enter, do honest work, and live in reasonable comfort? Is there shelter there for the ideas of liberty? Is the fertility of the soil you depend on increasing or decreasing? These are the matters to which we need to address ourselves.