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It took me a while to get through the first 50 pages or so, then I flew through it.

The crazy encodedness embodies the drug induced, paranoid, "consipracy theorist" in PKD. He believed the CIA was monitoring his thoughts through satellites, and that an eternal evil empire ruled the world.

He travels with his imaginary-friends/split-personalities to Sonoma Valley to meet the reincarnation of Christ (and Buddha, and Krishna, etcetera).

The savior tells him that Man is his only true savior, that Wisdom will rule over Fear, and that a new age of enlightenment is upon us.

PKD becomes enlightened to basic Christian philosophy, that the Kingdom of God is here (upon us) and that the devil is always there to tempt us, and that we, by our action and virtue, go back and forth between living in "the Empire" or "the Kingdom of God."

His imaginary friends go away, he reconnects with his estranged son, and a few years later, in real life, PKD dies from a heart-attack, or stroke (unsure at this moment), from a life time of drug abuse.

It is an amazing story that is so relevant to our lives, especially as a "revolutionary" and as a society that must now adjust its moral compass in order to prevent the Empire from engulfing us all.

So yes, VALIS.

Jack Wagner