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Look my friend.

I understand your position. But the Feds will not leave you alone. Ultimately, they will not let you live where you want, and they will not allow you to be a "rifleman". Unless, of course, you can be a "rifleman" without a rifle.

I understand your inclination towards self sufficiency. I share that as well. After all, who wants the stench of politics all over them when we know the game is largely fixed. But in the end, you approach is just a form of coping through self amusement. Just like my football team is for me.

We have two real choices. We can allow the Government to be the authority. Or, we can allow the concept of liberty to be the authority. If we choose the latter, it must be clearly understood as supreme law and set in stone. Like a Constitution.

And yes, there must be force, to the extent that we must enforce the right of the individual to be his own sovereign.

Every argument you make supposes some critical mass of people in some locale creating a new Shangri La. But let me ask you this. Given 100 trillion is unfunded liabilities, and the fact that it will take an 80% payroll tax by 2050 just to break even, how are we supposed to break free from the shackles of the government? Do you envision 100 million people roaming the wilderness, bartering beaver pelt for food, and fighting off starving bandits with a Bowie knife? I don't want to live that way. I would rather fight the power than be forced to the fringes of civilization while the elite swill Champaign and eat caviar .

No, we are in a state of rebellion. And they are the ones who have rebelled, not us. Their rebellion must be put down. And the traitors must be brought to justice.

You don't legitimize a corrupt system by fighting to destroy it. And while self sufficiency is a piece of the puzzle, it is not the entire answer. Why? Because it ignores the nature of the enemy. The enemy is like a raging fire sucking the oxygen out of your home. The enemy will not leave you alone. The enemy will always encroach on you and push you and box you in. It is totally against their nature to live and let live.