Comment: general welfare vs. parochial interests

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general welfare vs. parochial interests

The modern concept of federal welfare is largely rooted in Franklin Roosevelt's legislation. Today's liberals (also a term that has changed meaning) use the commerce clause and the general welfare clause to justify just about everything. Pretty soon, when they figure it out, they will use Judge Robert's concept of taxation to force purchases of most everything they want but we aren't quite there yet. As Ron Paul noted, why not get rid of the rest of the Constitution since, to some, those first two clauses justify almost everything. Liberals and status quo Republicans tend not to cross check their interpretations of the general welfare clause with other parts of the Constitution such as the 10th Amendment.

I take the term "general welfare" to be the opposite of parochial interests. Parochial interests benefit the few. Legislation is not supposed to be about benefiting the privileged or just the friends of politicians. It is supposed to benefit the entire population.