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Accidental Non Sequitor, posted under wrong topic.

What seemed a sensible inquiry became nonsense when posted under wrong topic.

Back on topic.

Lincoln breached the Constitutional contract between the States when he invaded, occupied, and killed civilians in order to loot the seceding States.

The Constitutional contract was breached in Northern States as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was place under house arrest, Habeus corpus suspended, A Congressman from Ohio was exiled to Canada, and 40,000 arrested for practicing freedom of speech and the press, and slave service in the military enforced.

The Constitutional contract was breached six ways to Sunday by an atheistic follower of Karl Marx supported by a Congress of the Union of Northern States.

The Constitutional form of government was kept, but the Union was in control. The District of Columbia morphed into "Union" City and keeper of the new union's debt which had grown from $3 per censused person in 1861 to $76/person by 1866.

Creditors wanted the articles of Confederation replaces with the Constitution.

After the Civil War the creditors called the shots. In return, they did not redeem the War bonds. The 10 year bonds came due in 1872.

Congress has proven itself fiscally incompetent for 220 years. They deserve neither the power to borrow or tax.

If they dream up a project do a Kickstarter or have a money bomb.

Follow the money, the creditors always profit.

And Congress is stupid enough to borrow, because they can.

Good review of the Washington Disease issue. (DC)

Free includes debt-free!