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I believe Snowden, Greenwald, The Gardian, Russia are not organic, but part of the destruction of the NSA (with other inside help besides Snowden.. he's the "poster boy", to give us a GSA (Global Security Act).. you see, what's needed, is for Americans to not want to be American, to be ashamed, and angry, doubt, to not care, or to care so much they begin to hate, despise, rebuke and reject Federal, State, and local governments.

Ben Franklin claimed we have a Republic for as long as we can keep it.

Global government brought to us by global bankers through a UN Agenda. NSA needs to go global, and to go global they need to break NSA, and to break NSA they have to have we the people behind it.. so when the Guardian (a left wing NWO propegandist) has a reporter, a former attorney, living in Brazil, and he gets the lead on this.. The story is not going to go anywhere.. Snowden gets an award.. wow.. but what has Snowden told us that we didn't know? Sure, not everybody knew, and still, not everybody knows or cares, they have other issues, and reasons to not trust the government.

I don't post much about nine eleven because it's another of those never ending stories that accomplishes one thing, negative feelings about government.

By comparison to mist governments we're still better off, and it's worth redeeming rather than trading in for a global trans Jordan, West bank, Gaza.. Suadi Arabia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Mexico, Pakistan.. Malala is my hero. She wants to change Pakistan, where Snowden wants to change the world, to global government, and why he is in Russia, who doesn't respect Snowden, because he is a theif for starters..