Comment: Or maybe we disagree about what is innocent?

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Or maybe we disagree about what is innocent?

I had this thought once, maybe when cutting up a shark, "Nothing with teeth is innocent".

I went to court trials in 1997 in seven counties in CA for friends that worked on Prop 215, medical marijuana, and when it passed opened shops, and the shops were put out of business with my friends being charged, arrested, and imprisioned. These trials assured me, there is no privacy. Snowden didn't reveal anything to me or anyone who has been aware there is a war on drugs that expanded to everyone with the Patriot Acts. We've been talking about this on DP since I can remember.. rfids, smart meters, gps, google, facebook, ebay, phone carriers, mail, ss and all these government departments..banks.. tracking, tracking, tracking.. some say Snowden confirmed that (the court cases I saw confirmed that). Privacy isn't free.

about your link: Oops! This link appears to be broken.

I like what the guy at 1:36 says in the vid I shared.