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Rand has a different personality. My guess is he got it from his mother.

What he got from his father was the chance to observe what works and what doesn't, an interest in economics, history, and how government works, and practice talking about all of it. He has seen the mistakes made by others and avoided many of them, himself. No question, being Ron's son helped with all of that.

But the idea that Ron Paul is "coaching" him is crazy. Besides, the senior Paul has denied being that involved. (My guess is that Rand doesn't tell him anything he doesn't want known in order to allow Ron to do what he does best: tell the truth without a filter.)

Ron Paul's personality is familiar to me because it's like mine and some of my family-members, but we can't talk in a straight line to save our lives. (Writing allows editing.) That speech was all Rand.

What do you think?