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WTF is going on?

What is an An Cap? Aren't An Caps supposed to believe in solving their own problems?

Or is it because you're just a Mercenary, that you don't really care about the principles much?

But here we have an AnCap appealing to the Government.

Let it hereby be known that the Government of the Daily Paul hereby consists of the Mayor. Mayor Nystrom. Currently serving out his inaugural term.

Nystrom heads a very conservative, limited government. Doesn't like to be invasive. All up in people's business. Which is why I didn't follow the links, because this kind of looks like a hissy fit by a 7th grader.

So then I have to go back to what I know about An Caps - or at least I thought I knew - that they solve their own problems. Or am I mistaken?

I never would have imagined an AnCap making an appeal to a mayor.

So, as Mayor, I hereby accept your invitation to engage.

Now huh? What do you want me to do?

You're the AnCap. You guys have got all the answers. Now what?

My suggestion is you have fight club with him. Have it out. Clear the air. Get it out in the open and put the past behind. Quit carrying around whatever emotional pettiness is plaguing that relationship.

That will require you not to ask me, but directly address him.

Have a debate. Have a duel. Do whatever you have to do to flush out whatever it is that is creating the poison.