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Its because..

of the California Condor.

I come from a family of birders. The California Condor has the largest wingspan of any bird on earth. They are dumb ass birds though. They eat quarters and choke on them. They also eat the lead bullets and the lead kills them.

That whole Darwin theory of natural selection is a bitch. We are literally losing a huge beautiful animal because of our presence. Im not a global warming nutball. Our presence is effecting our environment. The Condor is much like the DoDo bird. They cannot adjust to our presence. Our efforts are futile and I find it hilarious.

Not like I like kicking puppies at all. Jussayin... it is kinda funny. Its like these birds cant survive without our help. Period. We could wipe them out in less than 5 years. Does that make them stop eating lead? Nope. How about choking on loose change? Nope.

We don't ban loose change but they ban lead ammo.

Heart in the right place.. head up the nearest ass.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul