Comment: This echos an earlier post.

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This echos an earlier post.

Every Journey begins from within.

It is said that you cannot change other people, only yourself. I have found this to be true. Unless you change yourself, the dynamic that you have with others remains the same. People and institutions that you interact with have no reason to adapt and change when the dynamic between you hasn't changed. Change yourself and you automatically change the dynamic.

We know that for most their rational mind is at continual odds or conflict with their emotional state. Rational argument then, when presented to these people, only fortifies the emotional state behind which they hide.

So, the only solution is to change yourself, which changes the dynamic you have with others, then lead by example.

In this light, who are we, or what have we become, that assists in perpetuating the systems and institutions of governments which have become so evil, immoral, and oppressive? In other words, what are we doing, or what have we done, and what do we continue to do, which allows, encourages, and perpetuates the evil, immoral, and oppressive system by which we are governed? What dynamic are we a part of which perpetuates this corrupt structure? How are we, or how have we become, an integral part of it?

If we could change ourselves, we could change the dynamic. And if we could change the dynamic we would change everything!!!

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