Comment: Hannity gushing is your clue

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Hannity gushing is your clue

We've seen enough of these guys come and go. The ones who are right, but not Establishment enough get ignored or get minimized if they can't be ignored, not gushed over.

Much respect to him for the people he's helped medically, but when he's doing politics, he's not doing medicine.

I have a rule when vetting an up and comer. I don't give them kudos for their criticism of someone on the opposite end of the political spectrum. If I did that, Rush Limbaugh would be my guru. The main kudos goes to whether they endorse someone useful when the chips are on the table. He promotes Rand now, he gets the kudos from me for it if he does it when it matters more, when the neocons are jerking people around by the nose during the primaries (and if Rand is still sort of not awful by then).

Unless he's just that brilliant that he's playing the Fox News guys...

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