Comment: "Cromwell" (1970) staring Richard Harris

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"Cromwell" (1970) staring Richard Harris

Chilli and Mark posted many modern films yet here is a classic.

If you read about our forefathers, there is one name in particular that gave them guidance in their modern era,
Oliver Cromwell.

As part of the demonization of our American forefather, a movie in recent times came out in the attempts to blacken the legacy of Oliver Cromwell. The movie was entitled "To Kill A King" (2003). This film is far from accurate in many respects to history.

Also, I recommend two other somewhat abstract to liberty classics with historical reference, just compare the parallels to our current times: "Hindenburg" (1975) with George C. Scott and the movie that won more Oscars than any other, "Lawrence of Arabia" (1962) with Peter O'toole and Obi-Wan Kenobe!

Oh moderns must of course "V for Vendetta" but I have not seen this posted.

"A Scanner Darkly" (2006)