Comment: rather, why not become the powers that be?

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rather, why not become the powers that be?

In 1992 I was informed of a H.E.M.P. rally going on at the West Federal Building in Los Angeles. Jack Herer and Captain Ed started Help End Marijuana Prohibition/H.E.M.P. and invted vendors, most were industrial hemp, booths with clithing, flavored roasted seeds, oils, art, beads, jewlry, books, bands, foods like hemp seed pancakes and falafel.. by 94, we had collected enough signatures to get prop 215 on the ballot, but the SOS said it appears many of the signers were too stoned (we heard this same lame kind of story when collecting signatures for Nader's ballot access).. by 1996, Prop 215 passed 56% of the state.. a lot of books were sold and now marijuana is legal on many levels in many states, hemp is behind, but quickly catching up.

Protests are great for corporatate jobs, that's about it.

Even Ron Paul had Rally for the Republic..

My GOP is now a Liberty committee, and we have the power to end the committee.. wipe out the GOP, or we can grow it. We can have rallys, or we can protest the GOP state, nation..

What would you do on committee?