Comment: In order for protests to be more effective

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In order for protests to be more effective

In order for protests to be more effective the event should be used by the protesters as a place to unite and become organized. Organized groups should then move onto private property so they can operate in private and start protesting in a productive manner rather than just being loud angry bodies. A plan should be devised that focuses on the group(s) of people obtaining basic necessities as efficiently as possible. This planning will include deciding what members of the group will continue to go to their jobs and which homes will continue to be used as residential properties. Maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste within organized groups of individuals voluntarily helping each other survive. People will have to learn to work voluntarily together for each other. Basically what I am suggesting is that the most effective thing protesters can do is separate themselves from the current economy and form strong interpersonal relationships among themselves. Obviously the so called protesters will have to be pretty hell bent to take this kind of action of protesting for an indefinite amount of time.