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The mistake Republicans make is they hate the Democrats more than they hate the state.

The state favors cronies from both parties. It's in their best interest to maintain the state's monopoly on force against the state's competitors.

A state borrows and taxes and is the primary beneficiary of all its schemes. It creates dependents that would fall if the state fell.

The state calls independents adversaries.

Dependents would claim that independents want to kill 'Santa Claus'. But dependents see the danger and autonomy frightens some.

In the Soviet Union, young atheists were trained by first praying to god, then to the state. The latter always provided benefits, in this controlled situation.

While miles away 12,000/day were dying as the state destroyed the means of production and redistributed food wealth to cronies who helped maintain the state.

Forty to sixty million died in the Soviet Union, demonized and crushed by the machinery of the state.

When the state intervenes liberty suffers and labor, money and lives are lost.

Free includes debt-free!