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1) "Do you think the NSA is

1) "Do you think the NSA is the only "professional company" "violating" individual privacy?"

Firstly the NSA is supposed to be a civil entity as opposed to private-publicly commercial and no, I do not believe that it is the only transgressive bureau in government.
Also, why parenthesize "violating"? It gives the impression that you don't care whether individuals privacy is invaded or not

2) "This is why Malala is my hero. She didn't run. She took bullets to the face for her stand for the right to be educated"

It is your prerogative naturally whom you might appreciate while for me, ES informing the public of domestic espionage without being a martyr is commendable enough

3) "What have you been informed about by all this that you did not know?

Again I prefer to examine the principle of an issue, not just practicical convenience

4) "Why would you be on DP where you are tracked?"

According to ES/GG's revelations, everything is monitored, and I still don't like it

5) "I'm sorry but I don't get the bruhaha.. in the name of privacy"

That is politically unfortunate in my opinion, but at least (from what I understand) you're not in public office irresponsibly dismissing the issue

6) "the big deal about this to me is the destruction of the republic for a NWO global government, which is less control by the people and destroying the constitution"

I am appreciative however that you do conscionably give attention to the cause of free sovereignty

7) "SO to me, ES/GG are puppets for a NWO"

As you see fit