Comment: Chris -1, Michael 10%

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Chris -1, Michael 10%

Chris, I +1'd you but wanted to -1. :)

1) Michael has excellent help!; and

2) They're pretty savvy to ask for at least 10% of the original cost and not be greedy to ask for more. Wouldn't that be at least $68.4 million? How much liberty will that buy? ;)

I'd suggest funds go to:

Daily Paul
The Trucker Convoy / U.S. Military Veterans & Active Duty
Ben Swann Discretionary Fund
Oath Keepers
Liberty Activist Projects, Campaigns, Legal and Medical Funds Alex Helwig
Action Projects:

WOW! Now that everything is fully funded, I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER! :)
A little relaxation would be great!
And there's still a $40+ Million Reserve!
Guess we can fix the U.S. Budget next. (DailyPaulers are goood!) ;)

Thanks, Michael! Great Idea! Thanks for sharing the cash! ;D

FYI, Chris:

The Onion is not 1st Place (go sit in the corner)