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i apply what rand paul says,

i apply what rand paul says, he has already lost me pandering to the pro drug war right. I do not trust rand paul either but who cares right i was only a republican delegate for ron paul for thelast 8 years solid. who cares. let rand dig his own hole. I do not trust rand after his selling out video on obamacare and his ass backward position on the faileddrug war. It is individual rights over state/fed not reverse.

sadly rand lost the very support that was there in me being a delegate. I guess he needs to call romney and reverse his right wing pandering on the failed drug war again . Then what will i believe from him then. Rand is trying to talk out both sides of his A$$ and i am not buying the BS from carson or rand. Hopefully they prove me wrong but i will not bet a dime on it.

After 9 years in the gop why should i trust these folks trying to talk the talk.

Hopefully Carson and Rand prove me wrong by action more then words but so far it is all only words and i do not trust either.

Ron Paul 2016