Comment: Well, that was my first thought, but

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Well, that was my first thought, but

when the issue has come up before over one topic or another, "What's this doing here?" I've been among defenders. Our commonality, i.e., Ron Paul & ideals that relate to liberty, has created a community here - one that, thanks to Michael Nystrom, the site designer, the mods, and the contributors does *have* a sense of community. No doubt it's part of the site's success.

I'm touched when people are going through some life circumstance and bring it here - things that are just part of the human experience: milestones, challenges, wanting to get feedback on an idea, or whatever. But, in general, it's getting to know one another (if only by user name) that helps to strengthen a community. We're a diverse lot, with different backgrounds, life experiences, and interests; our posts reflect that. If people aren't interested in a so-called "off topic" topic, they can skip over it.

Btw, there's a good book that examines some American success stories, a dozen case histories of companies, churches, towns, or other entities where that sense of community made all the difference.

Of course, there's also the fact that it's Nystrom's site and he can do whatever he wants with it!

But okay, having said all that... :P Ever read Naom Chomsky's opinion on the deleterious consequences to the culture from our preoccupation with sports? Here's an excerpt from the section where he discusses it in "Understanding Power." Funny, his anecdote on growing up in Philadelphia.

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