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Comment: To me, veterins are victims

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To me, veterins are victims

To me, veterins are victims of one of the greatest crimes of fraud and propoganda. Our government prepared these young people, long before they reached the age of reason, with lies and propaganda to believe they were doing something good. Its almost the ultimate form of evil to use a persons' goodness as a tool, to convince them to commit evil.

So while I certainly don't "thank" veterins for waging illegal wars of aggression where innocent people are oppressed and slaughtered, nor do I pin the blame completely on them. I think most of them figure out pretty quickly what they are doing is bullshit once they are in it. However at that point, they have to fight to keep their friends alive. Its the ultimate crime against humanity on both sides of the conflict.

However I will say this: People joining the military today have no excuse. All the information is out there. Every single person enlisting today will have friends and family that have told them about the petro-dollar system and could easily educate themselves on the truth behind world power. I can easily forgive and feel great sorrow for veterins of past wars. Veterins of future wars? It'll be more difficult.

None of the banking elite, zionest thugs have one ounce of power if there aren't men and women stupid enough to pull the trigger for them. In this age of enlightnment, those who are not refusing to pull the trigger for these scumbags ARE culpable. Ignorance is fast becoming a very bad excuse.