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Did you INTEND to harm any innocent?

We can only act on what we think we know. My dad had a nervous breakdown after being forced out as president of his corporation.
He was totally disabled, on Thorazine for the nest 22 years. One night, the phone rang. When I picked it up, my dad said, "You know, I have been thinking about it. I did everything I could; I did not realize the board had just been using me in order to sell the company. Sure, I gave up my job of 27 years with another company to accept this opportunity. However, I had been boxed in, with adversaries on every side. They wanted me to move to Atlanta [We had moved four times by the time I was nine.] and I was just not prepared to disappoint your mother. I did what I thought was best." I replied, "That is all anyone can asked, Dad."

I told my wife of the time, "Well, my father has made peace with himself; he will die peacefully now, probably within three months."

My father never came out of his dementia and died three months later.

Forgive yourself; only you know what is in your heart.