Comment: I supplied the purpose -

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I supplied the purpose -

I have already supplied the purpose. You concluded that it was correct but that somehow it still disagreed with your context. Now you feel the need to remind me to stay on topic . . . ? Laughable! What is the purpose of this post but to amuse yourself? Exactly.

If you want to write your own Constitution, please feel free. Many people write manifestos - that is a great place for you to start. Feel free to establish your own code of natural law as you have inferred the nature of your being - but, you have failed to establish any reason whatsoever here as to why anyone needs to understand "your free speech" any further than what has been set before us all. What needs to be addressed now is how We the People need to restore justice undone to the context of a document so many feel is "outdated" simply because they do not understand its true scope. That is my freedom of speech, and yes - I do believe I am expressing Constitutional intent in saying so.