Comment: You talk about accountability?

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You talk about accountability?

I predicted the NDAA would be applied to kill or unlawfully imprison by anywhere from April to June, 2013. Aaron Scwartz dies in a mysterious suicide WHEN? Michael Hastings dies in a mysterious car fire WHEN? Two former professional snipers are killed WHEN?

As I said, you read the STANKOV UNIVERSAL LAW website, you will find SCIENTIFICALLY rational explanations, not the religious dogma that so often appears on this websites. Christians have been looking for "The Second Coming" since 70 AD.

As for "common knowledge," anyone who has been following Dr. Paul knows that he rarely deals in "common knowledge". Besides, I at least have the decency to submit my "far out" material under Off-Topic or religion. Nobody is forced to read it. However, I will ALWAYS respond to disrespect in what I feel is an appropriate manner. THAT is accountability.

As for the information being "useless," believing that many things are going on that are not readily apparent is VERY useful, as it prevents one from taking rash actions; or, as so many DP responders due, ridicule, bitch, compromise principle or do absolutely nothing.